Well another year of Oyster pick-ups are in the books for the Oyster Reef Recovery Initiative. On Friday, March 31st we managed to collect 106 cages from our faithful growers, and although the day was a long one, seeing how well the growers did this year made all of the hard work worthwhile.

We do our best to teach the importance of keeping the oyster cages clean throughout the growing season, and we were very pleased to see that everyone did their best to maintain their equipment. Out of all of the cages we collected in 2013, we would like to give a special thanks to Joseph & Mary Lou Peters for going above and beyond! They had the cleanest cages of the day. Way to go guys!!!

Another thing we noticed as we made our rounds that day, was the presence of crabs living in many of the cages we picked up. This just illustrates how important oyster reefs are to habitat for other Bay life and the ultimate restoration of the Bay.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of our growers, volunteers(especially Carl Doll & Mike Payne), and staff that made this season the best one yet. We can’t thank each of you enough for your hard work and dedication. Oh, and a special thanks to the many “special greeters” we ran into during our pick-ups (our growers’ dogs) they made the day that much more fun!