We found this wonderful video on Vimeo that has compressed over an hour’s worth of footage of oysters cleaning a tank of water, to just over a minute and sixteen seconds.

On the left, you will see a tank of murky water with no oysters in it.

On the right you will see another tank with equally murky water, but there are several oysters at the bottom. At about the one minute mark, pay attention to the tank on the right and you will see just how powerful oysters can be when it comes to cleaning our waters. Enjoy!

Oysters Cleaning Water

It’s pretty remarkable what these little guys were able to do in just an hour’s time. Imagine what The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries could look like if we succeeded in bringing back our once thriving oyster population. It will definitely take some work to get us there, but this video is a testament to what can happen once we do.