8th Annual Oyster Social 2019

Oyster restoration program sees best year yet The threat of rain couldn’t stop 106 guests of The Chesapeake Bay Oyster Reef Recovery Initiative (ORRI) from gathering together to celebrate another successful growing season at the 8thAnnual Oyster Social. The event was...

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2019 Oyster Pick-up Recap

The 2019 Oyster Pick Up was held on Friday, May 31. All 68 of our volunteers met at founding sponsor's, Eglseder Wealth Management Group Inc., office on Commerce Drive in Easton to sign in, get their pre-printed routes and some coffee and donuts. Once they had “fueled...

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Only 3 weeks until Oyster Pickup

Oyster Cage Maintenance 5-6-19 to 5-12-19 There was a good deal of fouling growth on my cages this past week. Here is what I did: Actively dunk each cage up and down in the water to remove accumulated silt and sediment.Leave the cages on the dock for about 90 minutes...

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Oyster Cage Maintenance 4-22-19 to 4-28-19

Oh what a difference a week makes! When I did my cage maintenance on Sunday, I was amazed at how much fouling had occurred since last week. In just a week, the rate of fouling had nearly doubled! Here’s what I did and recommend that you do this week: Actively dunk...

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Oyster Cage Maintenance 4-15-19 to 4-21-19

Water temperatures are rising…. …and with that has arrived the increased growth of fouling organisms on the cages. In the past two weeks, there was more accumulated growth on my cages than the prior three weeks combined! There was also quite a bit of silt and sediment...

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First Spring 2019 Maintenance Letter

As we mentioned in our last maintenance letter back in December, we promised to begin sending these letters out again in the Spring as the water tempuratures began to rise. This past winter saw some very low temperatures, extreme low tides and a lot of...

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2018 Year End Maintenance

It’s time to put your oysters to bed for the winter! 2018 Year-End Maintenance There are just a few things you need to do to put your oysters to bed for the winter. Give them one last good dunking up and down to wash off any accumulated silt and sediment that may have...

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Maintenance 11-12-18 to 11-18-18

When I checked my oysters on Sunday, the spat had grown a little bit since last week, but there was very little growth or “fouling” on the cages themselves, so….. Here’s what you should do for maintenance this week: Actively dunk your cages up and down in the water to...

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Maintenance 10-29-18 to 11-04-18

On Sunday when I checked my oysters, there was some growth on my cages since last week, but the rate of “fouling” growth is slowing down as the water temperature drops. There was, however, quite an accumulation of silt and sediment on the oysters since last week....

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